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 In July this year the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) bringing together the leading manufacturers and suppli

5 out of 10 people want to change their floor

02-11-2009, author:


In July this year the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) which brings together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of parquet flooring organized through a market analysis InSites sales floors in Europe. Results affect a group of 8194 clients who participated in the survey via Internet. All respondents came from 8 leading countries of Europe in terms of sales floor - Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Italy. Age group range is from 25 to 70 years. Sex, social status, earnings and financial situation weren’t taken into account.


Most popular ceramic tiles

Since a few years ceramic tiles are undeniably popular posts highest sales. It is estimated that we can find them in about 89% of all houses and flats.
This fact makes them an only leader in the table. Second  positions are wooden floors - 43%. In recent years increasingly popular gaining laminate flooring, which are statistically at every third house (34%). In terms of the sale of laminate flooring Poland is currently at the forefront in Europe. Right behind them are carpets (27%) and the whole close, not as popular as once, vinyl flooring (19%).


Situation on the wooden floor market


The most varied results related to wooden floors. As for this type of floor leader in terms of popularity is Sweden, where we can encounter such floors in 8 out of 10 homes. They are also very popular in Poland (67%) and Austria (65%). The least interest is in Spain (only 16%). Wood floors are often put to the bedrooms and salons and is the most solid parquet. But we can observe very quickly growing in popularity gain planks and parquet flooring laid in the system of single-wall with no glue.



Approximately 50% of respondents in their homes and apartments are considering plans to change the floor within the next 5 years. It’s most apply to floors in the lounges, bedrooms and kitchens. Given the choice between floor glued and floating 60% of responders choose the second solution.

We prefer to buy from suppliers and professionals which purchases represent approximately 45% of total sales. Self-service supermarkets represent approximately 39%.

 "People very often visit professional shops first and than, use the information gained there, often choosing to purchase the self-service supermarkets," explains Christophe Vergult, managing partner of InSites Consulting.

Professional stores have a greater impact on our choice. Second the most common factor in the decision which floor to choose is opinion of others on this subject (39%) and previous experience (38%).



Temporary crisis


Regarding the long-term investments wooden floors are the best choince. Looking at the trends and changing priorities in the opinion of the people which influencing their choice we can safely say that a natural product is the future. Still a very important issue is price. In 2009 people are very strongly convinced about the prevailing economic crisis and believe that this situation will last for a few years, so we may notice a temporary stagnation of sales.


Promising future

Nowadays, more and more we relax and spend more time in our homes than it was, for example, 5 years ago. We are care mainly about comfort, slowly coming back to the carpet and buy more and more of natural wood which makes impression of warm and welcoming otuch of the floor. Role of growing environmental awareness is also important. Increasingly louder "fashion" for a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature makes us depart from the adhesives and lacquers for the most natural products.


In conclusion

Situation on the flooring market looks good. A prevision for next few years is even better. Floor won’t lose its popularity and always will be one of the most important elements of our interior decor. It's hard to determine which of them will be bought most often and which less. Situation In this master changes with the annual fashion trends. For example, a few years ago, very popular in our homes were vinyl floors and carpets. Today they are At the end of all kinds of statistics. Perhaps a similar situation awaits most today bought ceramic tiles? Time will tell.


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