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 In almost every section of the newspaper we can find contractors and contractor services to the people advertisements

Practical advice how to choose a contractor

12-08-2009, author:


In almost every section of the newspaper we can find contractors and contractor services to the people advertisements. We are looking after successive offer in vain searching for a ratio of skills and experience, which would assure us that it is precisely from this offer and we should use the specialist will perform well and their professional service. We are in a good position if we live in a big city or in its vicinity. Indeed our choice is quite big. We can choose and dress in the tenders. We are in worse situation when the professionals in our area we can count on one hand. Not infrequently happens that these few specialists are significantly better than the whole mass of qualified companies operating on a larger scale. Having little choice we can not compare prices. We are doomed to professionals working in the area. In the remainder of this article we will explore how to select a good technician. We assume that the repair and decorating service providers are many in our neighborhood and we don’t know from whom to start.


One of the most reliable ways is word of mouth. Just ask next few friends or family and they will certainly give us some valuable advices. Anyone who is after repair and he faced the problem of finding a good contractor has been behind some experience. We assume that the specialist who performed their work well for our friends will do this same for us. In today's strong competition on the market every self-respecting contractor should carefully examine each new job and be in a regular and good contact with each customer. Despite of friends’ opinion it’s good to check a final result or ask where contractor doing his job presently and carefully look at everything in person. If we are satisfied with the inspection we can trust that person. After finishing the renovation, if we are satisfied with the final result will be able to help the others in the future and we can recommend a good specialist to someone. Let us also remember that a good specialist will not always be a good decorator. It is up to us what we have to do to be fully satisfied after completed work.



We have to planned future renovation of the entire floor before we start looking for a contractor. We have to be strictly defined what kind of floor coverings we want to use it. What kind of extras choose for it and the price range. Under no circumstances should sit only on expert opinions. It may happen that the contractor will be persuaded us to cover the floor on his conditions - where he earned the best and we won’t be happy with this. For example, the arrangement of the floor panels costs an average around 16-18zł/m2. The cost of laying boards in the three-tier system with no glue is 25zł/m2. Parquet costs 65zł/m2 and for ceramic tiles we can even pay 100zł/m2. Differences in service prices are very high and we need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of different floors and think everything well in advance.


Will also be useful basic knowledge of the assembly itself. We should know what equipment we will need to begin and to know some basic techniques for stacking. This will helps us to verify the work of a person who carries out the order. One of the example so frequent cock-up is lack of expansion joints, poor sanding of the floor, not skillful trimming of the material. Of course, each expert has his methods of work but there are always some basic rules to be followed. Don’t be afraid to ask whether the contractor is progressing if you have any doubts. When we are not satisfied with the expert we should resign as soon as possible to its services. We rule our renovation of our floor and we should not let it spoil.


Laying floor is not just a normal assembly but also the craft which requires considerable knowledge and experience. It is very easy to fudge and the effects will be visible to the naked eye. Every day we will see the floor which cost a lot and the final result is highly unsatisfactory. Polish experts are among the best (if not the best) in the world and are appreciated in all countries. As in any industry happens also here we can find many flimflammer and four flushers for whom it is just money important. Because this is a very wide industry many of all  contractors are poorly qualified.


Involvement is a good indicator of the contractor's organization. If he’s often late for the designated time, doesn’t receiving phone or doesn’t calls back, all our comments taking with unwillingness, too often repeated " this can’t be done" is probably worth think twice about professionalism of this contractor. Remember that we often pay a lot of money and we should expect full professionalism and commitment. But remember to keep moderation in our demands. We should give up calls with simple questions and avoid contact telephone late at night. Everyone has the right to relax after a hard day's work. If there is an urgent matter to attend to we can always explain the problem the next morning.


At the end yet another important issue. Pay never more than 10-20% of the advance work. It is also a bad idea giving money to buy materials. Full consideration should be given after reception of the works and when we fully accept the final result. Let us not be fooled to ensure that a professional will return tomorrow to complete the work but can settle today. Although it seems to us an obvious and very rare we think that we can fall victim to this scam every day someone is the victim of fraudulent contractors. Therefore let us be attentive and vigilant. If there is anything we are not one hundred percent sure there’s no need to  hurry with anything. The rush is always a bad adviser.


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