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 Repair of floor - an investment for the future

Repair of floor – an investment for the future

10-08-2009, author:



From year to year, even in the era of apparent crisis, properties has always been and will be a very lucrative investment. This is evidenced by growing sales of stakes each season. The implication is simple, our homes are very good place for incest our money. We can’t think of them as a porcelain money-box, in which we only put money, but we should treat them as a very good investment, in which any financial contributions bump its value. There are many different ways to bump value of our apartment. Some of them are more visible than others. Which of them may be the best?

The best investments from a logical point of view, are those which raise the standard of our apartment. Property becomes more attractive for potential sales. New exclusive furniture much more expensive than the old ones are better  in presentation but may not be regarded as a permanent part of the house. The best investments are in all kinds of repairs. Windows replacement , new color on walls and floor repairs. Stone, marble or a tasteful ceramic tile in the bathroom or exotic species of wood in the living room is one of the best financial contributions.

Currently still in many homes vinyl or linoleum floors can be found. Despite the many obvious advantages we should honestly admit that they went out of fashion in favor of mostly wood and ceramic floors.


The floor which has come off a few decades regardless of the changes its appearance and durability won’t be as aesthetic as it was before. The prospective buyer of property with such floor can deduct the cost of possibly repair from original price which can significantly affect the attractiveness of the final price. Deciding to buy a house or apartment, which today reached a very high price, investor doesn’t want to incur additional costs. Repair not only exposes the buyer to the additional expenditure, but also significantly extends the time to move in. Stagnation in the property market has caused the magnitude of the premises for sale so if we want to sell an apartment we must make sure that it stood out against the background of the other offers.



Current production technologies are so high that it becomes a choice flooring manufacturers have made every effort so we can choose a very resistant and durable products. Today's tiles in compared with those from the 70s or 80s is a completely different product. Reaching forward and progress of technology has forced the industry to seek new, better and more sustainable solutions. Purchasing today boards or parquet we often get a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer or in a worst case about 40 years. Therefore, even a few years after the renovation our floor will look like new. Hence, its value will remain at a very high level.


Apart from the aspects of financial and investment we don’t have to convince anybody about how much we like changes. Comfort of our aesthetic sense increases by new, tasteful floor in our house. Today's possibilities and offers give us a very large choice of floor coverings. Anyone can be an interior decorator and choose the perfect color of the floor, furniture, walls, and above all we can choose what suite us the best. Once the floor restrained optimism changes reluctance before installation. Associated with the exception of the apartment for some time, hours of hard work, or employment a specialist, and this would cost money. Today, most types of flooring installation is so simple that certainly will do it ourselves and without specialized equipment and tools. Satisfaction with the well-situated in the floor is priceless.

In conclusion, the repair of our floors are in addition to financial contributions, which we will certainly return when we decide to sell an apartment. Nothing but we should start the renovation.


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